Specializations allow for further customization of your character. In most cases, you may specialize your character as soon as you create them so long as their history supports it, but note that some specializations are restricted.

Proficiency Levels Edit

Like skills, specialization mastery is separated into four tiers: Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Master. When deciding how advanced your character's specialization is, keep in mind the training they have access to as well as their years of study. A self-taught Ranger with only a few years' experience under her belt is unlikely to have mastered the specialization, for example.

  • Novice: Exactly what it says. The character is in the earliest stages of learning this specialization, and all but the basic tenets are likely beyond them.
  • Intermediate: The character has advanced in their specialization, but would still be unlikely to be able to make a decent living using it, and more complex skills are still out of their reach.
  • Expert: The character is fully proficient in the skill, has learned all but the most advanced skills, and would be able to make a living using their specialization.
  • Master: The best of the best. The character is familiar with even the most esoteric aspects of the specialization, and could make a comfortable living using it. They will still make the occasional mistake, but it is rare.

Specialization Skills Edit

Advancement in a specialization grants additional skills that do not count against the maximum allotted skills. Note that the proficiency of the skill does not typically correspond with the proficiency of the specialization. Novice Shadows, for example, receive Expert level Stealth for free.

Rogue Specializations Edit

Warrior Specializations Edit

Mage Specializations Edit